Saturday, 8 August 2015


For a while now i have been thinking and i got lost on one of my thinking escapades as i flashed back my days in Primary/Basic School. Have you read my post on WHY I STOPPED LITTERING IN CLASS SIX?

During my days in primary school, there was this system of grouping which was aimed at ensuring not only good behavior but sanity as well. The system of check which i guess has gone missing in our schools. Wow! Those days were superb. None wanted to be the losing SECTION. 

Welcome! to my primary school days where there once existed the SUPREME SECTION SYSTEM...

It was one of our fresh days in class six and we had to be grouped into colours. I guess that's where i fell in-love with GREEN. This is how the system worked. There were rules and it included sweeping your allotted plot on time before silence hour. We were also made to sit according to colours and if your teacher caught anyone messing up or talking in class you would loose marks from your daily score which would be culminated by midday Friday for the special assembly on Friday. During the assembly we gather this time not according to our classes but colours. It was very interesting and most of the time the LOSING SECTION WAS- yellow! 

I don't know why but they always lost. During Physical Education periods marks were also given to sections who had their sportsmen excelling. The section system was gradually molding us to not only law abiding and hardworking studious pupils but also sharping us to be very responsible and accountable people. It was simply amazing. Whilst i know some people hated the experience i don't think it did any harm to anyone. There have been a lot of testimonies from my friends on how useful the system was. 

Today, Ghana is faced with a lot of problems, children been disrespectful, violent and carefree. We are also faced with big issues when it comes to sanitation and hygiene- COULD IT BE AS A RESULT OF TAKING AWAY THE SECTION SYSTEM? During my internship at Joy News last summer, i got exposed to some serious health threats in some areas where basic schools were located. Children in some parts of the capital city don't care anymore about scrubbing the washrooms they use. Unlike our days where the last on the score tables of the section system was either made to scrub or weed WHICH has helped us to be responsible adults today.

Kweku Sintim-Misa also known as KSM ( King of Satire in Ghana), in his letter to the Youth has entreated us to change the MEMO, i have started what of you? 
If you are a Head of any institution or you know one, please do whisper into his/her ears '' Bring OUR SECTIONS BACK''