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Entrepreneurship vs. Intrapreneurship; Africa's dilemma in dealing with unemployment. A case study of Ghana

Africa has been described by many as a continent on the rise. According to the African Union Agenda 2063, It is estimated that by 2050, Africa would have the largest youthful population with a huge workforce. Despite the huge prospects and the enormous resources the continent is endowed with, Africa continues to face numerous challenges. These challenges include poverty, unemployment, inadequate infrastructure and many more. According to the latest World Bank Africa poverty report, Poverty across the continent may be lower than what current estimates suggest, though the number of people living in extreme poverty has grown substantially since 1990. In line with fighting poverty and dealing with unemployment, a lot of calls and efforts has been put into encouraging young African's into creating their own businesses or being entrepreneurs. In this feature, as a case study I would attempt to explore if Ghanaian entrepreneurship is booming and why. I would also want to delve into the i…