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Authored by Sampson Adotey Jnr

"When you realise from birth, that no one owes you a dime, you are set to survive the storms of life" - Sampson Adotey Jnr

Do you get easily disappointed when both inactions and actions of man is contrary to your expectation?

Do you get easily angered?

Does the frustrations in your environment cause you to fret?


Some weeks ago, I happen to have been selected as part of a few for a training program. One of the numerous lessons I want to share with you today is the lesson of life: NO ONE OWES YOU ANYTHING.

When you are birthed, your survival depends largely on your parents. However, at some point in your life(adulthood), you need to realise that no one owes you anything. Personally, I have had several disappointments. This was because, my expectations we largely not met by relatives, family, friends and colleagues at work.
Many people have the perception, that probably their dad or someone so…


How far are you willing to go?
How wide are you interested in searching?
What are you unique challenges?
Your dad might not have a regular job or perhaps you share your chamber and hall residence with 8people.
Shy of this? Naah.. others have been through worst. I met a young surgeon back in shs who lost his dad at age 4 with just his mum catering for in a mud single room residence somewhere in the Dangbe area. How did he become a surgeon?

He had scholarship throughout his education. He knew nobody but made studying his priority. With his unflinching faith in God, he ended up as not only a surgeon but as the youngest in his specialty.

I am unaware of the gigantic situation confronting you and your family but tell you what. I have one of my own. One or more that makes me sleepless at night. One that makes me want to fight hard against and defy the odds.

What do you succumb to?
The evil men show you? The poverty ridden situation you find yourself in?
A sinking G.P.A?
The relationship th…

3 F'S and 1 S

As 2015 comes to an end i want to share some important keys we ought to have in other to succeed in the following year(that's if you don't have them already). Even if you do, please spend sometime to ponder over them and perhaps there could be some changes you would need to make or some improvements you might want to consider.

lets go!

The 3 F's and 1 S.

In this fast changing world, many extended family units are breaking down to nuclear family units. considering the fact that this post is not an academic essay i wouldn't want to argue its merits and demerits. however, `its important to note that considering the constant reliance of mass media on loads of foreign content, we are gradually losing the importance of family. Most youth of our days spend so much time with our phones and television or internet which is peculiar to our age and time. The family offers very good opportunities for socialization and also networking. In the days of our grandparents, families…


For a while now i have been thinking and i got lost on one of my thinking escapades as i flashed back my days in Primary/Basic School. Have you read my post on WHY I STOPPED LITTERING IN CLASS SIX?
During my days in primary school, there was this system of grouping which was aimed at ensuring not only good behavior but sanity as well. The system of check which i guess has gone missing in our schools. Wow! Those days were superb. None wanted to be the losing SECTION. 
Welcome! to my primary school days where there once existed the SUPREME SECTION SYSTEM...
It was one of our fresh days in class six and we had to be grouped into colours. I guess that's where i fell in-love with GREEN. This is how the system worked. There were rules and it included sweeping your allotted plot on time before silence hour. We were also made to sit according to colours and if your teacher caught anyone messing up or talking in class you would loose marks from your daily score which would be culminated by mi…


July 28, every year is observed as world hepatitis day. the day is aimed at raising global awareness of hepatitis thus a group of infectious disease known as Hepatitis A,B,C,D and E. It is also encourage prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the disease. Hepatitis affects hundreds of millions of people worldwide, causing acute and chronic disease and killing close to 1.4 million people every year. World Hepatitis Day is one of the eight official global public health campaigns marked by the World Health Organization. Approximately 500 million people worldwide are living with either Hepatitis B or C. A free screening exercise was held today at the Radaach Lodge and Conference Center in Tamale for the people of Tamale and its environs. The team, made up of 5 doctors and 10 nurses and other health personnel. The team screened over 500 people today and gave counselling as well. According to health experts, if left untreated and unmanaged, Hepatitis B or C can lead to advanced liver scarri…


Education is key for development. However, access to good, quality education hasn't been the lot of many people in most parts of Ghana. Unfortunately, my trip on the Reach Beyond Outreach program has revealed to me that there still exist some ''schools under trees''. Jangbaragayili is a community in the Central Gonja District of the Northern Region located about 29 km away from Tamale heading to Kumasi on the Kumasi-Accra road. The community is faced with a lot challenges and education is no exception. The school currently has a two-room structure with a third been a tent made out of straw. During the raining season, teachers and students have to scramble for the little space available.In an interview with the assistant headmaster, he revealed that this structure accomomdates pupils from class 1 to class 6. Student without furniture have to lie on their belly to read and study. He made a passionate appeal for urgent help to salvage a situation which he describes a…


The workshop kick started with a prayer by the facilitator Joseph Kebbie after which he welcomed us to the training program. Zooming straight into the workshop he highlighted on the word IMPOSSIBLE which he read as I'M Possible. He explained that the word IMPOSSIBLE does not exist in his dictionary and shouldn't exist in that of the participants too. He explained that ''with God all things are possible'' so if we were created by God then we are possible. He challenged the workshop participants to get rid of the mindset of IMPOSSIBILITIES and put on the mindset of POSSIBILITIES. 

He went further to delve into the main subject of the day- SUSTAINABILITY.
He revealed that sustainability is in three forms and it includes SOCIAL SUSTAINABILITY,ORGANIZATIONAL SUSTAINABILITY and FINANCIAL SUSTAINABILITY. He went on to explain each of the forms and highlighted majorly on how a radio station can take advantage of that. For social sustainability, he shared the importance o…


What would make you change your mind and attitude towards the job you are doing.
Is it money?
Is it the amount of time you get to rest or spend time with family?
One question that has been on my mind, would you leave your job to heed to a calling to go into missions?
Today I tell the story of Pastor Jacob Owusu, a former  magician now an evangelist who goes on missions to very deprived and "overseas" areas in Ghana. Currently residing in Jangbaragayili in the Central Gonja district of Ghana, where the people don’t have access to bibles, he engages the community to knowing the truth about the gospel and is happy about his calling.

I was lucky to have come across this beautiful missionary burning with the fire to spread the gospel and his story has inspired me.
Please follow this link  to listen to his 11mins story and your life would never be the same. If you are interested in supporting his mission please send me a mail on s…


Ever heard of Salaga? what comes into mind when you hear of Salaga. Is it the slave trade market? On 26th of June, 2015 i rushed at dawn to the metro mass station after i realized i was 30 mins late to getting a ticket. Fortunately for me the bus was delayed for two hours for reasons my inquiry proved futile. We set off at 8:40am and arrived exactly 3 hours later. 


One hundred and twenty kilometres to the southwest of Tamale is Salaga, the capital of the Gonja East District which used to be the biggest slave-trading center in Northern Ghana.

The original slave market was moved south from Salaga to a settlement called Kafaba. Unfortunately, much of Kafaba is now under the Volta Lake. The present road from Tamale to Salaga is rough terrain. Salaga has a pond called “Wonkan bawa” (a Huasa word meaning “the bathing place of slave”) and a young Baobab tree in what used to be the Slave Market.

This existing Baobab is a replacement for an original tree to which slaves were chaine…


 My heartbeat Akosua Boahemaa -:),
 It’s been a long while since fate separated our ambitions. How are you faring and how are my in laws? I really miss seeing you and especially the beautiful things you do when I am around you. It’s chilly over here and guess what I have been wearing clothes on top of clothes. Do you now get the reason why I always wished you were here? I go to the park mostly alone and I am forced to take up two jobs just to keep myself busy and occupied. My new jobs is very interesting and guess what, it’s voluntary. You remember the last event we attended at the AICC, and the decision you helped me make towards that dream of serving my community. As a lawyer and an advocacy journalist, I mostly deal with big corporations especially the effects of their operations to the environment and how we can impose restrictions and fines on them when they flout any of the international protocols when it comes to protecting the environment. Babe, the kids at this center ar…


TIgBoNkA: WHY I STOPPED LITTERING IN CLASS 6: Recently i read a letter to one Serwaa written by Manasseh Azure Awuni about reasons why he would wash her pant. Not many people would do t...


Recently i read a letter to one Serwaa written by Manasseh Azure Awuni about reasons why he would wash her pant. Not many people would do that though. This got me thinking and made me assess my life. Especially if i have done anything out of love or obligation which has had a lasting effect on my life. Today i want to share WHY I STOPPED LITTERING IN CLASS 6!

Back in the days of basic school education was very funny and bubbly. I really did enjoy my days in school because aside learning in the classroom, i had the opportunity to join the school band where i learnt to play music instruments and play with the mass band on independence day. However, one thing that i must confess kept me lively was the thought of meeting her every morning at assembly. She was the girls prefect, very intelligent and beautiful. She was my CRUSH, she was the talk of campus and every guy was interested in ''befriending her". Her name is Hamida and she was in Block 5 class 6 when i first spotted he…


In recent times, especially the aftermath of the unfortunate flood and fire incident, we as a people have come to appreciate the need for attitudinal change. Day to day, we walk past several heeps of waste on our streets, neighbourhood or even workplaces. As a people we have wasted too much time on complaining about the ills in society and i want to suggest that we waste time instead on waste. 
Waste recycling has been recommened by several experts as one of the ways to solve Ghana's increasing and worsening sanitation situation. What is recycling then? Recycling is a process to change waste materials into new products to prevent waste of potentially useful materials, reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials, reduce energy usage, reduce air pollution (from incineration) and water pollution (from landfilling).Though Ghana has not banned plastics, governments over the years have taken some steps to curb the plastic menace. For instance in 1996, the government tasked the Council …


In recent times northern Ghana seems to be one of the fastest growing areas in the country. A lot of progress and strides have been achieved. You might have seen them on your screens in Indian movies back on TV3 or perhaps anytime you had the opportunity of watching a Nigerian film. In Tamale today, what is known as 'tuk tuk' by the Indians and 'marua' by Nigerians is now trending on our streets. On the streets of Tamale, its known as 'Yellow-Yellow'. Lets take a trip in the 'yellow-yellow'