Saturday, 11 July 2015


What would make you change your mind and attitude towards the job you are doing.

Is it money?

Is it the amount of time you get to rest or spend time with family?

One question that has been on my mind, would you leave your job to heed to a calling to go into missions?

Today I tell the story of Pastor Jacob Owusu, a former  magician now an evangelist who goes on missions to very deprived and "overseas" areas in Ghana. Currently residing in Jangbaragayili in the Central Gonja district of Ghana, where the people don’t have access to bibles, he engages the community to knowing the truth about the gospel and is happy about his calling.

I was lucky to have come across this beautiful missionary burning with the fire to spread the gospel and his story has inspired me.

Please follow this link  to listen to his 11mins story and your life would never be the same. If you are interested in supporting his mission please send me a mail on

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