How far are you willing to go?
How wide are you interested in searching?
What are you unique challenges?
Your dad might not have a regular job or perhaps you share your chamber and hall residence with 8people.
Shy of this? Naah.. others have been through worst. I met a young surgeon back in shs who lost his dad at age 4 with just his mum catering for in a mud single room residence somewhere in the Dangbe area. How did he become a surgeon?

He had scholarship throughout his education. He knew nobody but made studying his priority. With his unflinching faith in God, he ended up as not only a surgeon but as the youngest in his specialty.

I am unaware of the gigantic situation confronting you and your family but tell you what. I have one of my own. One or more that makes me sleepless at night. One that makes me want to fight hard against and defy the odds.

What do you succumb to?
The evil men show you? The poverty ridden situation you find yourself in?
A sinking G.P.A?
The relationship that keeps holding you back?
That guy/lady who would not let you have your peace?

Recite these words with faith meaning NOW/ SING IT; (A little prayer)

Come inside my heart
Come inside glorious
Come inside spirit
There's nothing more, there's nothing less
Come inside my soul
Come inside my glorious
I can make you whole
Want nothing more nor nothing else
Beautiful spirit
Wonderful spirit
Marvellous spirit
(Culled: MOVIE-"LIFTED")

Most times, that small ounce of faith can get the spirit lifted. Go on your knees and say a prayer.

#3 days to the 2016
There is a lot to think about. Conduct a self-appraisal and ask God to charter a path and then follow.

The love I have for you is DEEP!

Enjoy your day. Good morning.




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