3 F'S and 1 S

As 2015 comes to an end i want to share some important keys we ought to have in other to succeed in the following year(that's if you don't have them already). Even if you do, please spend sometime to ponder over them and perhaps there could be some changes you would need to make or some improvements you might want to consider.

lets go!

The 3 F's and 1 S.

In this fast changing world, many extended family units are breaking down to nuclear family units. considering the fact that this post is not an academic essay i wouldn't want to argue its merits and demerits. however, `its important to note that considering the constant reliance of mass media on loads of foreign content, we are gradually losing the importance of family. Most youth of our days spend so much time with our phones and television or internet which is peculiar to our age and time. The family offers very good opportunities for socialization and also networking. In the days of our grandparents, families relied on each other for support and resources. For instance, family A could offer family B a plot of land to farm because of long standing friendships and bonds but based on trust. A lot has changed, today even at funerals, weddings etc jobs are been contracted. How, its about networking. Sometimes you need to pay attention to the family and see it as a network. Get close to the family, get to know their friends, spot one or two people who you think can help and pitch a plan to them or tell them about what you do, seek advice and work your way to the height you are seeking to attain.

Are you oblivious about the consequences of the choices you make when it comes to food. Some foods can kill! Wondering why food is important? try drinking from a fractured well and see if you would survive without been told of your intestine "corrupting". In other to succeed in 2016, you need to watch the kind of food you eat. Some foods make you fat and lazy. They add absolutely nothing but trouble to your human system. You know them, so WATCH OUT.

- Friends:
I recall my mum beating the 'hell' out of me anytime i sneaked out to play with the area boys. My parents never encouraged me associating with them. They were older and their bones were/are ''hard". They believed their company was bad for me and would always ensure they either kept me in doors reading a book cover to cover or sleeping. In tamale, where i spent most vacations, my friends were the folks from Dad's office. I learnt how to ride a motorbike in his office compound. I became tech savvy there too. I gained the trait of empathy and acquired a sense of purpose from the lessons i learnt during the travels i made with him to most rural communities. I did enjoy the tutelage. Back in Accra, i made some friends in my Alma mater and i must confess, they have been really good just like the one's i made in University. My advice to you is to carefully and jealously select friends. They can make and unmake you.  A quick referral is the television series "things we do for love" and currently "yolo". There are classical case studies there.


S- Shelter

If you live with your parents then you might consider this as a bullet or a guide for the future. I believe that sometimes the places where we choose to live our lives has a lot of influence on our lives. it includes the type of building in which we live. whether a shared apartment or a semi-detached flats, it could be your key to a comfortable life or a miserable life. if you rent a room in a very noisy neighborhood or a compound without making the necessary background checks, consider yourself doomed. Never put your safety at risk. In making a selection of the place you want to stay, you might want to consider asking for help from family,friends or research on the internet. Always know who you are, what you want and how much you can afford.

That's all i can share with you today. I encourage that you share this with your network and also give me feedback as well. 

Thank you for reading!


Takyi b said…
Great piece to begin with 2016. Thank you for sharing.

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