Monday, 29 June 2015



 My heartbeat Akosua Boahemaa -:),

 It’s been a long while since fate separated our ambitions. How are you faring and how are my in laws?
I really miss seeing you and especially the beautiful things you do when I am around you. It’s chilly over here and guess what I have been wearing clothes on top of clothes. Do you now get the reason why I always wished you were here?
I go to the park mostly alone and I am forced to take up two jobs just to keep myself busy and occupied. My new jobs is very interesting and guess what, it’s voluntary. You remember the last event we attended at the AICC, and the decision you helped me make towards that dream of serving my community.
As a lawyer and an advocacy journalist, I mostly deal with big corporations especially the effects of their operations to the environment and how we can impose restrictions and fines on them when they flout any of the international protocols when it comes to protecting the environment.
Babe, the kids at this center are so amazing and intelligent. It’s as if they were born with positive attitudes towards ensuring a clean environment but my pal from Japan doesn’t share that thought though. XIN CHANG says in his country the responsibility of ensuring a clean environment is nurtured through training from infancy of a child and I want to belief that’s the same over here too. He is kind and has given me some products of recycled materials. Mind you,I am bringing them home- I don't want to use then J..I have been thinking and having sleepless nights. I want to come home and I know this would excite you. Yes!! We have got to have kids of our own but the feeling that our lot as a country might not be anything to brag about is something that hurts me as a citizen. I have started some savings though for that project but I need your assistance in getting this done. You know how difficult getting capital is. Join me save towards this. When we have kids of our own we would instill in them this attitude and many forward looking ones too.
Not forgetting the amazing thing you are doing with your clothing line. I am so proud of you and can’t wait to have my latest kente sewn by you. Though an HR Manager, your passion to do something with your hands just like my Mum drives me crazy. Hopefully, we would visit mum together on my return and I am very sure we would have to name your fashion house after hers and still maintain your trade name.
Just before I go, I hope you are educating people about the effects of littering and irresponsible behavior? I am eager to see how your company is dealing with waste especially after my proposal was accepted by your board. Possibly we could make some modifications too. I can’t say bye without my usual tagline



Kofi Tigbonka

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