Saturday, 20 June 2015


In recent times northern Ghana seems to be one of the fastest growing areas in the country. A lot of progress and strides have been achieved. You might have seen them on your screens in Indian movies back on TV3 or perhaps anytime you had the opportunity of watching a Nigerian film. In Tamale today, what is known as 'tuk tuk' by the Indians and 'marua' by Nigerians is now trending on our streets. On the streets of Tamale, its known as 'Yellow-Yellow'. Lets take a trip in the 'yellow-yellow'  

Mostly when you pick a taxi in Tamale,you either get bothered about the hot air blowing into the taxi or the limited space for you to feel comfortable. However, the 'yello' as most taxi drivers call it is bringing taxi business in the Aboabo area to low patronage. This is because, unlike the taxis they charge cheap rates and move very fast. You have the choice of a lone ride or a riding mate in there.
Perhaps this might be a chance for any one new in tamale to have an ideal tour without forcing to bring down the windows of these taxis and also a very moderate fare after the tour.

Kadri, my driver for the afternoon shared that his 'yello' is a gift from the father but incase you have no idea how this tricycle got here, MASLOC is behind its distribution. Very soon, these tricycles would take over streets in Tamale.
In case you ever visit Tamale, i recommend you hop on a 'yellow-yellow' and take a selfie like i did

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