Saturday, 5 March 2016



Travelling to Kumasi from Wa, i came across several sign boards with the inscription No water,No roads, No light, No vote strategically positioned close by the road side to attract the mercies of politicians. 

In my mind i ask, what has the assembly man done about this situation? The District Assemblies? etc 

Do we have to wait till its an election year to put up sign boards like that?

Have our folks in these communities been sleeping all this while?

How do we get rural folks to hold their leaders accountable?

In Ghana today, an assembly man resigns to be a presiding member, a party chairman resigns to be a DCE, a DCE eyes the seat of the MP and an MP does same for a ministerial appointment. A minister also has his eyes set on the seat of Presidency.

Our politicians are busily eyeing something that  they have forgotten the people who got them there.

Ghana Decides 2016. 

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